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Benefits Of Oiling Your Hair Regularly

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You must always look after your hair no matter you busy you are.  Lustrous hair boots a woman’s confidence and brings out the inner glow from within by reflecting how you treat yourself. In our work life where pleasant looks and dressing has turned out to be compulsory, we often forget our hair which is the most noticeable part of our appearance. Oiling the hair is the perfect treatment to get voluminous beautiful hair. Below are some advantages of oiling your hair regularly.


Hair is made from keratin and its roots are present underneath the epidermal cells. Oiling your .hair frequently nourishes the hair follicles. Hair gets weak and breaks off if not taken care of. Hair oils like olive oil, mustard oil and castor oil, almond oil gains back the power of the hair. The shaft of the hairis prohibited from any damage and is hydrated.


Warm hair oil massages grows back and revitalizes the loss of hair because of medicated dyes. They help the brain nerves to relax and thereby allow blood to follow all over the head. Go for regular hot oil treatments before you wash your hair and wrap a hotel towel about your head for half an hour to let the roots absorb the oil.


Blockage of pores can lead to many small and big issues whenever they are polluted with fungi or bacteria. These fungi and bacteria give a pleasant atmosphere for lice to grow and also cause dandruff and also make the hair fall off. Frequent hairoil treatments prevent fungi and bacteria from gathering onto your scalp and nourish it greatly.


Dandruff is caused due to dry scalp. It expands and opens up to cause dandruff. Dandruff breaks the hair and leads to hair fall by producing itching onto the scalp. Dandruffs are a huge reason for loss of hair. Hot oil massages let your glands create natural oil which keep the scalp hydrated.


Even though hair is made simply from protein, they also need proper vitamins and essential minerals for their health. Using hot oil onto our hair twice a week will help in growing back the hair that you have lost while styling your hair using hot tools and chemical dyes. Massaging with oil opens up the pores and lets the roots absorb the oil.

Which one of these remedies is your favourite?