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The Best Hair Oils For Natural Hair

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Hair oils are the most essential part of a proper hair care regimen. Hair oils are those natural products that effortlessly penetrate into the hair to nourish them and causing them to grow and also look lustrous. They also provide strength to your hair and stop them from going through any further damage. Following are the hair oils that every woman must have not just in the kitchen but also in the bathroom for her hair and personal use.


Coconut oil comes on top of the list when you talk about hair oils. Hair is primarily created by proteins that maintain its strength. After every hair wash, your hair turn a bit weak and losses its protein. Apply coconut oil before shampooing your hair as it is great to avoid loss of proteins from the hair and thereby preventing breaking and damaging of hair. Coconut oil is antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial since they contain lauric acid and medium chain fatty acids. This is why it stops bacteria from gathering over your scalp and also avoids loss of hair to a huge extent. Coconut oil also prevents hair from getting damaged due to over brushing when it is applied before and after every hair wash.  Get a bottle of organic coconut oil and see the amazing reduction in hair loss and split ends.


The vitamins present inside the avocado oil protect the hair and nourish its follicles whilst the amino acids encourage growing of cells to keep the scalp conditioned and healthy. This hair oil is also filled with fatty acids that make your hair shiny and soft. Its consistency is not thick therefore it easily gets absorbed into the hair. This oil provides the best nourishment to damaged, weak and dry hair. It is loaded with the relevant vitamins like Vitamin B, E, D and A that make the hair healthy and encourage its growth.


There is no better conditioner for your scalp than olive oil. This oil penetrates into your hair faster and more easily than any other oil and the light consistency makes it perfect for nourishing your hair to the core. This oil is ideal for people with sensitive skin as it has no allergic reactions and has those anti-inflammatory elements that stop dandruff and encourage the health of your scalp.

Which of these effective oils is your favourite?