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How To Glam Up Nails With The Latest Nail Trend

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The latest must have nail trends that is rocking the industry for beautiful looking hands are the famous chrome manicure nails aka mirror nails.Theextraordinary shining look can be achieved by going for various ways like intensely pigmented powder, chrome nail wear, or polished nail enamel and can also be created in different shades.You can simply try this design even at your place or visit a local nail parlour for it. All women aredrooling over this pigmented powder that glams up our nails into a shiny glass.


This fabulous design can be achieved by going for polished nail enamels, chrome nail varnish, or highly tinted powders. It is done by rubbing on the pigmented powder over the nail, with a dark coloured gel over the bottom and is then set up with acoat on the top till the nails start to shimmer.


If, you’re looking for a design that is more multidimensional, go for the recently trending ‘wristband nails’. Alicia Yoon, a renowned Korean vogue blogger, was the first personto step out with this type of nail style. You can find unlimited designs in gorgeous different patterns that are there at the Unistella nail parlour in Seoul and can also be spotted on the Instagram profile of the salon.

These mirror nail patterns display genuine glamour by utilizing little shimmering delicate beads and gems in an assortment of colours which are glued onto the nails and are an ideal blend of beauty with chic like grace. It might take two and a half hours to get over with the complete process.


Many females recently have gone for this polished and dazzling nail polish whilst others have went for different tones incorporating dull or mauve hues to get the shiny impressioninstead of going for the typicalgenerally utilized glamourous tone.  These nails paints are surely filled with the latest lustre which is sure to stay over your nails for significanttime span.

Glittering nails ails are cute the while shiny nail polish is highly chic. These nail trend will definitely give your hands a clean and healthy look alongside giving the most trending and fashionable appearance. Chrome nails are practically boldbut they surely give your hands a classy look.