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Long Hair Care Routine

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Caring for long hair is not the same as looking after short hair. Girls with short hair do not worry much regarding the bottoms of their hair and how they might appear after a year. No matter how weak and damaged your hair is, you can always make them voluminous and lustrous in a little span of time. You just have to follow a proper hair care routine that will bring it back to normal. Following are some tips for long hair to promote hair health.


You are whatever you eat and that is the only technique to make your hair look beautiful.  Averagely, hair grows about 0.5 inch every month which means it grows 6 inches a year and that is how much you must expect if you have a healthy diet. For thick hair drink lots of water and go for regular exercises that release stress.


We have a variety of conditioners accessible in the market these days that are suitable for all hair types. Go for a conditioner that has positive reviews and is made with ingredients that suit your hair.


Even if you are a fitness athlete or a working person, you do not have to wash your hair daily. Try to shampoo your hair after every two days at least as scalp massages and proper shampooing are long lasting. Do not rub your scalp with your finger nails and use the tips while you shampoo. Unless you do not wash your hands properly and constantly touch your hair, they do not get unclean. Over shampooing brings roughness into your hair and makes them brittle.  


Avoid hot tool styling and go for cool setting tools. However, it is better to get rid of them totally. Your hair will look shinier, thicker and healthier if you avoid using products that contain harsh chemicals. Go to a proper hairstylist if you wish to use such items.


Purchase a combination of hair oils as each one of them has its own benefits. The coconut, argan, olive and avocado oil have amazing properties that make your hair soft, silky and also reduces hair loss. Apply them before every wash for best result. See what oil fits you the best. You can also find many organic items available that have already been prepared for you for conditioning and strengthening your hair.

Which of these remedies is your favourite?