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NailL Care REegimen

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Nails are created using a solid protein known as keratin. The nails secure the closures of the toes and fingers from injury furthermore assist us in picking up light items. In the course of the most recent years, nails have turned out to be more vital for corrective reasons and less critical for security.

Manicure is the process in which people care for their nails and hands. It’s a smart thought to attempt to execute the procedures underneath once a week consistently.


The first and foremost step for a proper nail routine is to keep your hands exceptionally clean always and ensure that they are properly free from any dirt. After that clean your nails and wipe off the remains of your nail colour using a nail polish remover that is free from acetone.  All renowned nail specialists advise to apply soap over a toothbrush and smoothly rub it over your skin and nails to remove all dust particles and scrub off the dead skin in a simple and inexpensive way.


Elongated nails are definitely beautiful, however if your nails constantly break and cause difficulties, then the top skin specialists suggest you to go for short length nails for the start. Short length nails with round corners are simpler to look after and they also look a lot cleaner, therefore you can just work on strengthening them up without having the need to stress over any other thing.


The cuticles play a very vital role in nail care maintenance. It coats the region at the bottom of your nail. Therefore, as soon as you chop off your cuticle, your coat of security breaks up and your nails are more susceptible to harmful infections and even bacteria. It is highly recommended that you do not touch your cuticles at all if you wish to have healthy nails. All renowned skin specialists suggest that you smoothly push back your cuticles at least once in every 7 days using a stick made of wood as soon as you take a bath and then nourish them using a thick consistent moisturizer.

Following a proper nail care regimen is highly important to keep them healthy and attractive. Therefore, take out some time for yourself every day before going to bed, and see how you achieve wonderful results in just 2-3 weeks by following the above mentioned.