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The Perfect Hair Cate Routine

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Hair care regimen usually looks tough, particularly when you have a busy schedule. However, maintaining a proper hair care routine makes your look beautiful and boots your confidence. Having a proper regimen is not that tough and includes the maintenance of its health and the application of useful products onto the hair. You do not have to this daily. Just follow the steps mentioned below at least twice a week to get the hair of your dreams.


We all have different hair types that need to be looked after and attended to diversetechniques. Leave your hair natural for some time and know the sort of hair that you have and how to look after them in the best manner.


Several of us think that we should shampoo our hair every day. However, this is quite harmful and majority of the hair sorts just require hair washing after every alternate day. Simply shampoo your hair only when it is needed.


Hair conditioning is very vital as it nourishes the hair and lets it store all the organic oils that are essential. Do not apply the condition onto the roots because that could make your hair look further oily.


Combing is very important to avoid your hair from tangling into knots and for proper supply of organic oils all over the hair. Never brush damp hair to avoid breakage. Begin combing from the bottom of hair to unlock them and go all the way upwards till your scalp.


To get the perfect hair, you must have a fit body that can only be achieved if you are consuming a proper diet. Hair needs vitamins and minerals present in healthy food for its growth and strength. Also, you must have sufficient sleep and avoid taking stress.


Chemicals like hair dyes are very harmful and can destroy your hair completely beyond repair from the roots if done regularly.Try to stay onto your natural tone if you can. Also avoid excess usage of hot hair styling tools.


Go for regular cuts and trims after every 90 days as your hair is vulnerable to split ends that make your hair appear unhealthy and frizzy if you do not chop them off.

Simply follow the above mentioned tips and see how voluminous and lustrous your hair looks in some time.