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The Perfect Makeup For a Casual Look

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Applying makeup is a tough job since every woman abides by her own self-made rules and procedures when applying makeup over the face. At times we get so busy in our daily lives that we usually forget to think over our makeup process. Following are the steps to get the perfect makeup that is sure to give you a natural chic look.


Cleanse your face properly and nourish it before you apply any makeup product over it. After that, dab a primer using your fingers to make your makeup stay on.

Step 2:

Utilize a duo fibre makeup brush and put on a foundation for your skin tone all over your face and neck and blend it.

Step 3:

Apply a pressing powder with a beauty blender to increase the staying power as it captivates the oil on your face.

Step 4:

Conceal your dark circles by putting on a concealer using a sharp concealer brush underneath your eyes in the form of a triangle. This method gives a natural coverage and highlights your under eye to catch everyone’s focus on that area.

Step 5: 

Put on a highlighter over the Cupid’s bow, your cheekbones, in between your eyebrows and over the chin. Then, apply a contouring powder over the dips of the cheekbones, sidewaysover your nose, near the hairline.

Step 6:

Apply a blush over the apples of the cheeks, going up till your temples. Try to paint your cheeks using a cream blush rather than a powder and brush to get that natural shimmery effect.

Step 7: 

Use a light coloured sparkling eyeshadow over your lids and underneath your lashline. Use a fluffy brush to blend and apply a soft nude tone onto the crease and blend it in outward directionFill up your brows, apply a linerand curl your lashes using a mascara to finish your look.

Step 8: 

Use a lip brush and apply a natural pink coloured lipstick and you will be ready to go! If you have dry lips, smoothly use a lip balm over your lips before applying the lipstick. Allow the balm to soak into your lips and blot it using a tissue if it gets too creamy.

There is no woman who doesn’t wish to have the perfect makeup look simply follow the above mentioned steps and get the look that is perfect for your casual lunches and hangouts.