7 Color Light Photon Facial Mask Neck Tool For Daily Beauty Fits Sensitive Oil Dry Skin Reduce Wrinkles Anti-Aging…


Easy to use:

1, Cleanse and dry your face before use.

2, Plug-in power, choose the color mode and energy level.

3, Lay down, sit back and relax for 10-15 mins.

4, Apply products to moisturize your skin!


Facial Machine:

√Transmit natural light waves for facial problems (fine lines, wrinkles, dryness, redness, etc.).

√Full facial design to beauty both face and neck skin.

√The product retains eye holes, so it is not harmful to the eyes.

√Opaque protective eye pads to avoid causing eye discomfort.

√Apply to multi-facial products for better moisture and skin rejuvenation.

√The suggested operating time is between 10 to 15 minutes of treatment, 4 times a week.



1*Facial & Neck Machine

1*User Manual


1*Power Cord

1*USB Cable

Home Use SPA Technology Gently light can penetrate your facial tissues to cleanse deeply, enhance collagen and tighten skin, reduce eyes’ wrinkles and cheek/neck fine lines, brighten and beautify skin.

Reliable Facial Beauty Tool Easy and comfortable to wear with the new lightweight technology. Adopt high-quality and safe outer material and silicone, non-irritation, non-toxic, providing a perfect experience. It is elegant, durable, scratch-proof, easy to clean, and can be reusable for a long period.

7 Color Multi-functional Mode,192 Lamp Beads Use natural light waves to provide pure and gentle light & energy. It does not generate heat, and it won’t irritate the skin, suitable for all skin types. There are red, blue, green, yellow, purple, cyan, and up to 7 unique modes available that suit your needs. Choose your favorite function and start refreshing your skin now!

Create Perfect & Youthful Skin The upgraded machine will fully cover your face & neck, moisturize and tighten skin, brighten and whiten skin tone, reduce fine lines, lighten spots, minimize pores, leaving your skin soft, and smooth. Activate your skin, better absorb essences, cream.

Decent Gift for Ladies Easy to use with a smart controller. It is an ideal present for lovers, women, mothers, and students. This device is also suitable for beauty salons to provide outstanding skincare services. If you are unsatisfied or confused, please feel free to contact us.