Jade Roller for Face – 2 in 1 Electric Vibrating Face Roller Massager, 100% Natural Rose Quartz Roller Massager, Anti…

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TWO WAYS OF RELAXATION WITH ONE TOOL With a roller massager and an under-eye press, the jade roller offers two ways of relaxing and beautifying. Even as the rolling massage helps to soak up skin cares more efficiently and reduce wrinkles & fine lines. The under-eye press can rest your eyes with its jade energy, reducing dark circles and accelerating your facial blood circulation.

EFFICIENTLY ABSORB EXPENSIVE SKINCARE 6000 vibration/min of vibration frequency lets the serums penetrate into deeper skin layers. One electric vibration massage equals to 280 times manual massages. Consider how much expensive essence/cream/lotion you’ve wasted without an effective vibrator. Take this jade roller and save your time, energy, and money any longer!

YOUTH-LOCKING JADE ENERGY Each Little jade roller is unique with its natural jade texture. The 100% natural jade features with its healing and cooling energy. The trace mineral properties that allow jade to stay cold also allow it to cool down your skin and reduce puffiness. Consistent use of the jade massager will get your skin refined, toned, and tightened.

WITNESS YOUR SKIN REJUVENATING FROM WITHIN  Our skin gets dry & loose as we grow older, and wrinkles appear as we laugh, cry, and frown… the jade roller enables our anti-aging products to penetrate deeper into the dermis layer, thus maximizing the absorption of serums/lotions. Attempt to insist for 28 days, you’ll see your skin lighting up from within.

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