Tips For Safe And Healthy Nails

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One of the extremely vital steps in getting the perfect strong nails is by consuming an everyday supply of nutrients, vitamins and other requiredminerals to keep the nails healthy and strong. Any supreme quality vitamin supplements will serve you with this purpose.Besides this, you must also consume a healthy diet as whatever you eat will be reflected over your exterior features as well. Following are the manicuring tips you must follow to protect your nails from germs and keep them safe and healthy.


Always get rid of your nail paint when it gets old. Scrub off your nail colour gently by dabbing some nail polish remover over cotton and then rub it over your nails for some seconds to remove the colour totally. Never scratch off your nail polish using your own nails.


Shape up your nails by using an emery board or a nail filer. File every tip of your nail in an even direction from the edge to the centre.

Never file in an up and down movement using an emery board since that can lead tocrumples in the nail and cause them to split.


Soak your feet and hands in luke warm foam filled water for some minutes to get rid of the dust particles. Clean up your nails using an orange wooden stick while they are soaked.


The cuticle is that layer of skin which develops from over the nail root. Never push back the skin of your cuticle and leave it as it is to avoid any infection of the nail growth tissues.


The next step is to swipe a layer of top coat over your nails whether or not you have applied nail paint. Don’t spend money over various clear nail paints as they all serve the same purpose.  As soon as your top coat dries up, apply your nail paint if you wish to. The top coat gives strength to the nails and also stops the nail colour from chipping off.


Lastly, use a thick moisturizer over your nails and cuticles to keep your nails hydrated and also stop them from breaking up.

Having neat and healthy nails makes your hand look elegant and beautiful. Simply follow the above steps and become even more beautiful by enhancing the beauty of your hands.